SUGATSUME Furniture and Architectural Products


Sugatsune is one of the leading manufacturers of metal hardware. Sugatsune wide variety of high quality products covers diverse fields from residential to office furniture, architectural to industrial parts and even disaster prevention. 

Featured Products


Lapcon Soft-Closed Door Damper

The Lapcon Soft-Close Door Slam Stopper is designed to prevent door from slamming shut. It enabling door to close fully, slowly and safety. Hence, it able to protection finger injuries resulting from the door slam accidentally.


Door Damper Catch

The DC-200 Damper Catch is designed to prevent wardrobe, cabinet and partition door from slamming. It enabling door to close safety without slamming and hold the door in closed position.


Step-On Door Holder

The LAMP (Sugatsune) Step-On Door Holder is a quality product that holds door at any position.

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