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Inspirland is dedicated to improving the safety and living of people and premises all over the world. For the past 5 years, we have been introducing innovative products designed to protect and improve the quality of living for people to feel safe and secure in their surroundings.

SlamFreer Door Slam Stopper

SlamFreer® Door Slam Stopper

The Door Slam Stopper stop sudden hard closure of doors by absorbing the energy of the door before it strikes a person or the door frame, allowing the door to close gently.

SocketSecure Single Socket Cover

SocketSecure® Single Plug Socket Cover

The single plus socket cover that can effectively covers plug sockets, stopping plugs being removed or tampered with, preventing the chance of electrical accidents.

Fingershield Door Finger Guard Pack

Fingershield Door Finger Guard Pack

Our Door Finger Guard pack contains a front and rear strip. When fitted to the hinge side of the door, these flexible strips prevent trapped fingers.

SocketLoc Socket Cover

SocketLoc Plug Socket Cover

The SocketLoc Socket Cover is designed to prevent children or vulnerable adults from tampering with plug sockets which could affect their personal safety.

 SlamStop Door Stopper

Slamstop Door Stopper

The SlamStop Door Stopper is specially designed to stop an open door from slamming in both directions when inserted under a door edge.

Happy Hands

Happy Hand Door Slam Stopper

The Happy Hands Door Stopper prevent finger-trapping accidents caused by closing doors on the handle side.

Fingershield Door Finger Guard

Fingershield Door Finger Guard

Cardea's Fingershield door finger guard takes away the worry of trapped fingers in doors, by completely covering the area between the door and hinge when the door is open.

Anti-Ligature Hook

Anti-Ligature Hook

Specially designed to avoid injury and sometimes death from a rigid hook, the Cardea Anti-Ligature Hook can be used in public bathrooms or cloakrooms for added peace of mind.

Cardea Premium Window Restrictors

Premium Window Restrictor

The Cardea Window Restrictor is designed to eliminate the risk of injury caused by falls from windows by restricting the opening of a window to only 10-15cm in line with HSE guidelines.


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